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1. What’s the difference between Market Value and Agreed Value?

Market Value -
You provide us with an estimate of the market value of your vehicle. If a “total loss” claim occurs, an independent inspector will assess the market value of your vehicle at the time of the incident. Insurers will base any payment to you on the inspector’s valuation, or your valuation, whichever is the lower.
Agreed Value -
You provide an independent valuation from your local club or engineer. Insurer will apply the following endorsement to your Policy; “If we make payment for the Total loss of the insured vehicle the value of your vehicle will be the value shown on this Policy Schedule provided proof of that value has been received and accepted by us, subject to any applicable excess.”

2. What vehicles are acceptable

Vehicles manufactured between 1900 and 1970, including cars, 3 wheelers, vans and small commercial vehicles.
We cannot cover coaches, buses or motorcycles under this scheme.

3. Who can drive my car?

Named Drivers over the age of 25 are acceptable.

4. Can I drive someone else’s car under this insurance?

Yes*. Your Policy will include “Third Party” cover only to drive someone else’s vehicle.
*Note there may be times when this cover is NOT granted i.e for a motor trader or taxi driver – Please check your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

5. Am I covered for show rallies and trials?

Yes. The policy covers attendance at shows and rallies, but nothing involving speed or against the clock, other for Treasure Hunts! For VSCC trials cover will be granted up to the point of a “speed” event, at which point no cover will be provided.
Your Policy will be endorsed with the following wording; “Notwithstanding the limitations to use contained in your Certificate of Motor Insurance, cover will operate if the insured vehicle is entered into or participates in any static show, parade, classic run, treasure hunt, track day on a motor circuit or other events or rallies anywhere in the United Kingdom provided that the event is NOT TIMED, is managed to provide an appropriate safety distance between vehicles on the track, authorised stewards are employed to supervise the event and there are no elements/there is no element of racing against other cars or against the clock.”

6. Am I covered for track days/events?

Yes, provided there is no element involving speed and/or a timed event. Cover is provided for shows and parades.

7. Am I covered for Veteran Car Trials?

Yes, but only up to the point when your vehicle is driven at speed and against the clock.
We do not provide cover when “against the clock”.

8. Why do Vintage Car Insurance charge a fee?

Our fee helps cover the cost of our overheads. Vintage Car insurance premiums are low meaning income is low too! To maintain high customer care we invest in technology, not only to be efficient but also be compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority regulations.

9. How do I make a claim?

Call our 24hour Accident Management helpline on *NUMBER* . We have arranged this helpline through ClaimCare to take complete control of your claim for repairs AND recover any uninsured Losses you may incur. Also included is legal expenses cover to avoid you not receiving your full compensation following a non-fault claim.

10. Can I add Wedding Hire use to the policy?

Yes. Wedding Hire can be arranged up to 10 times a year.
You must give us prior notification and pay an additional fee for the cover.

11. What if I have a complaint?

We take complaints very seriously. Call or write to us with details.
Click here for a copy of our Complaints Procedure.

12. How do I amend the value of my vehicle?

In order to amend the value of your vehicle please provide 6 colour photographs (4 around the vehicle, one of the interior and one of the engine) AND obtain a valuation letter from your local Club or engineer.
We will then apply the “Agreed Value” endorsement to your Policy.

13. Why do I need Legal Expenses cover?

The law changed in 2014 regarding the recovery of legal fees. In certain circumstances it is possible that a legal firm deduct their fees from your pay-out from a Third party. A legal expenses insurance policy covers the legal fees.

14. Can I change my car during the year?

You can change your vehicle at any time during the year subject to an administration fee of £20 in addition to any change in the premium made by your insurers.

15. Am I covered to tow?

Your Vintage Car Policy covers you to tow, provided you are not contravening any Road Traffic Act rules or regulations. Please note that any damage to the item being towed is NOT covered – only your legal liability.